Fifteen years ago it happened—on the street [in St. Petersburg, in Russia] amid many passers-by—that I experienced an awakening of deep soul forces. I felt the awakening. I became conscious of a powerful will force within me that I united in the depths of my heart with a holy vow to dedicate my whole life to the cultivation of spiritual knowledge and its manifestation to the world. I have never forgotten this vow—others may say and think of it what they will. I can only say, before my conscience and my angel, that I have remained true to it in all decisions and questions of life. It shines in me like a radiant sun that irradiates and illumines all. —Valentin Tomberg (1933 letter to Marie Steiner)

Christ and Sophia

Anthroposophic Meditations on the Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocalypse

In these astounding meditations on the true Christian nature of the scriptures, Tomberg shows how the central story of entire Bible is really a history of the Christ being. He describes the cosmic and earthly preparations for the Mystery of Golgotha, its significance and results for humanity and the world as a whole, and the central role of the Sophia being and her relationship to the Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Disciples and Pentecost, and all of humanity. He also imagines the Grail nature of the Christ's involvement in earthly history. 

All of Valentin Tomberg's profound studies are finally available in a single volume! Drawn from four difficult-to-find and out-of-print editions, this completely revised and updated text includes Tomberg's anthroposophic meditations on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Apocalypse, while the appendix contains his final, unfinished work, "The Four Sacrifices of Christ." 

Christ and Sophia contains all of Valentin Tomberg's essential anthroposophic works on the scriptures, providing an invaluable resource for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual scientific approach to esoteric Christianity, as revealed by a close, meditative reading of the Bible—from Genesis to John's Revelation. 

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