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What Makes a Great Teacher?


A conversation with Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna about her upcoming residential retreat in Sacramento, left me wanting to understand more about a spiritual path for teachers towards thinking and knowing.

As she described her event, I was struck that it was a beginning of a journey for the participants and their teachers. It is uncomfortable, intense and freeing at the same  time. There is no prerequisite to this training other than to be open and willing, but that does not mean it will be easy. As with any transformational experience, you will feel the joy of discovery and the fatigue as well.

As I asked her to explain the process of her retreat, I felt her words with great intensity and curiosity to understand more from this great teacher. I knew it was a new level of learning, not because I had read a study or found evidence in a scientific journal, but because my intuitive mind was open enough to receive it. 

Being open is unnerving and exciting. It is also the gateway to learning.

She like many great healers, speaks on a different level, not intellectually superior, but rather spiritually higher. It is a process that allows the ideas and sensations to come to you as your sleep and digest them. You will begin to unravel them long after the conversation or class ends. You will,  as I did this morning, have moments of 'oh...that is what she meant'.

As we learn from teachers like Lakshmi, we begin to exercise our patience muscles that we had in our first years of life. It is like being born into a new awareness, and as with any birth you must have patience, heal from the process of growing and birthing, and resting after your release. It is this resting that allows you to connect with her teaching and you begin to learn. You begin to learn to connect with the spirit of your inner knowledge and your personal beliefs, your intuitive intellect. This way of knowing that is yours and yours alone.  

To become a great teacher, you must be connected with your intuitive intellect, your way of knowing the world. 

It is the only way to teach, guide, and love.

To become a great teacher, you need a great teacher.

She’s doing the work, asking the questions, and doing that heart-thinking thing I’ve been hearing so much about. Reading this was like talking with a close friend. My heart feels warmed. People who went to see her lecture said that about her: she’s just embodied love, and you feel it in the room when she’s there. Hooray for love.
— Reader Review: Autism Meet Me Who I Am -Andrew via GoodReads April 2018

It is the space of love that she brings us her work and also makes the experience of speaking to her so precious. I felt like I was able to go to my village elder and seek guidance, wisdom, and love even though I never asked for any of those things. She exudes this essence, it comes from her as she connects to you.

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna, is a true gift to the world and her retreats are a gateway into the question, what is it to be human?' something I believe Steiner himself would consider a creative force.

You can join Dr. Lakshmi Prassana in her US based retreat in Sacramento, June 18-22, 2018. Space is limited, so sign up today. You will begin a journey to a new way of knowing to guide the children in your care. A spiritual gift of a lifetime.