living on the fringe

Living on the Fringe: A Memoir

When Ed Entin decided to torch his draft card, everything about his life changed. He had his whole life mapped out. It was 1966 and Eddie had just been accepted into Yale Law School—his ticket out of the Army and Vietnam and into a life of secure prosperity. 

It took only one day, one decision to change the course of his life. What follows is a sometimes harrowing, often hilarious, and always illuminating ten-year journey through the social, political, and spiritual turmoil of the era. 

For anyone wondering how it was back then—or how to get through right now—Living on the Fringe provides a look at how one person waded into the turbulent waters of his time and came out whole, dry, and ready to face the future. And with a new name to match the person he had become.

“Abraham Entin has written a really magnificent book . . . a delightful read from cover to cover. So buy it and read it—you won’t be disappointed.” —Ken Cloke, author, founder and director of Center for Dispute Resolution

“Abraham Entin has written an outrageous, hugely entertaining memoir . . . about what it’s like to go up against the man and come out smiling—and still fighting—on the other side.” —Saul Rubinek, actor, writer, producer, and director in theater, film, and television