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Who Does Your Garden Grow?

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.
— Claude Monet

How do we practice listening to our intuition? What steps can we take to allow our inner voice to take its rightful place as the source of wisdom? There are many ways to tap into inner wisdom, but you first have to quiet the noise.

One of my favorite activities in the summer season is gardening. This year I decided not to grow food, but rather continue to add elements to our natural landscape for the wild and human life. We are members of a community farm and find supporting that effort is the right balance for our full life.

 A garden can nourish so much more than the appetite. It nourishes relationships with ourselves, our families, and our community. It allows us to consider what we plant and why we plant.

Gardening is a cultural activity, shaped by peoples' thoughts, wishes, and needs as well as by their cultural traditions. Ours is a new garden, only entering its fourth year, but with each passing year we have grown richer as has the soil under our feet.

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