February 24, 2019


“Rudolf Steiner’s model of a spiritualized medicine could hold the key for the next growth phase in Western medicine, if it is to survive, flourish, and become consistently and deeply therapeutic instead of merely palliative.” —Richard Leviton, author of Imagination of Pentecost: Rudolf Steiner & Contemporary Spirituality in the introduction to The Healing Process GA 319


"Therapeutic external applications are part of a worldwide renaissance and rediscovery of ancient healing methods. Since its founding, anthroposophical medicine has integrated external applications naturally into its healing approach because this medicine comes from a holistic understanding of diagnosis and treatment." (from the foreword) Learn more

This insightful and inspiring book argues that, for the sake of the future of our world, we must redress the balance. Through the work of Owen Barfield, Goethe, Henry Corbin, Kathleen Raine, and others, and ranging from the teachings of ancient mystics to the latest developments in neuroscience, The Lost Knowledge of the Imagination introduces the reader to a philosophy and tradition that restores imagination to its rightful place, and argues that it is not only essential to our knowing reality to the full, but to our very humanity itself. Learn more


The Blue Forest is a collection of seven highly imaginative bedtime stories—a story for each night of the week, each featuring one of seven colors. The stories are set in a magical blue forest and tell of mysterious nighttime events and relationships involving humans, animals, and nature. Learn more

Fleeing from Nazi Europe in the late 1930s, Austrian native Karl König and his colleagues founded the first Camphill community for children with special needs, outside Aberdeen in northern Scotland. These seven essays by König explain the principles behind what has grown to become a worldwide movement.

The insights in the book reveal the inner motivations that drove Karl König and his team to persevere with their social project, and help modern-day readers to understand how they succeeded in building a network that now numbers more than a hundred communities in twenty countries around the world.Learn more



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This marvelous book explores the deep meaning of the watercolor Easter (or “Three Crosses”) painted by Rudolf Steiner in April 1924. Living through this book into Steiner’s watercolor painting, the reader is led to contemplate the profound mysteries of not only colors and the sense world, but also the divine, cosmic, human invisible reality lying behind them and manifested in the unique event we celebrate as Easter. Learn more


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