October 6, 2019

“In the free being of humanity

the universe is gathered up.

So, in the free resolve in your heart,

take your own life in hand

and you will find the world.

The spirit of the world

will find itself in you.”



As summer fades and our earth cools, we could have the misunderstanding that now is a time to retreat for the cooler months ahead, but not yet. Autumn brings us into the force of our spirit, the time when we must offer the world in our way the depths of our thinking. 

Our hot summer months give way to the cool days of self-awareness. We can feel this shift intuitively, as we may have struggled against the summer sleep of the inner world, that chose its connection with the natural world in all of its splendor instead. 

This autumn morning, I woke to feel a pull to my favorite place to read, write, and drink my coffee as I try to share what has been turning round in my mind this week.

Autumn is challenging for parents and teachers. It brings the outward gifts of community with sports games, festivals, and community events. It could be easy to miss our time to connect with the strength that our soul life is waiting to give. That little nudge in the back of your thinking, that if unrecognized, goes further back into memory.

Take a few minutes with a favorite verse or meditation each day to tap into your well-spring of awareness and sink into the stillness.

Until next time,

Kathy Donchak


Staff Picks of the Week: Parenting & Childhood

Those that guide children and their parents have a special need for this autumnal time to check in with the light of their thinking, that solid source of knowing and guidance that can help them uncover the mystery of the child in front of them.

In this book, Lou Harvey-Zahra’s Growing Children, Thriving Children Raising 7 to 12-Year-Olds With Confidence and Awareness give teachers and parents insightful and practical answers when the hurried pace of fall teaching leaves you looking for answers. Lou Harvey-Zahra has written a guide book that can be read as a lifeline for teachers and parents during those middle childhood years of ages 7-12. You will find yourself nodding as you begin to see the mirror images that only a parent or teacher of a child in this age of awakening can see. This is a must-have for any teacher or school leader in middle childhood. Especially helpful to our public Waldorf community, it will help you create the bridge you need to cross to understand child development challenges in your classrooms. It will help begin to unravel the mystery in front of you and learn ways to reach the children in your care. Learn more

Living and eating holistically, in tune with the natural world, is key to the philosophy at Bonsai. Food forms part of play and meals are fun: the children grow vegetables and forage for herbs and berries; they help to peel, chop and bake; food is involved in play and songs, and is celebrated through seasonal festivals.

This is a wonderful resource to create a nutrition block in primary school. A book that can become the connection between home and school by providing parents with healthy alternatives that are as delicious as they are simple.
Learn more

Staff Pick of the Week: Social Change

Christopher Schaefer analyzes the “long emergency” that is destroying the Earth and human wellbeing. He suggests a practical vision of social change and personal growth for finding hope in difficult times.

The book offers alternative, radical ideas for social reform and tackling inequality, providing an account of how American economic and political elites have undermined democracy and drastically weakened the U.S. while causing untold suffering in the Middle East and around the world. The author shows how we can make a lasting difference. The seeds of practical hope are nurtured for navigating chaos and for countering fear. He also suggests what we can do to re-imagine America as, “the promise of a new beginning.” Learn more

Staff Picks of the Week: Organics & Biodynamics

Every gardener knows there's no magic spell for a thriving garden, but did you know that by planting in harmony with lunar rhythms you could grow better-tasting and more plentiful veggies, as well as stronger, healthier plants and flowers? And it doesn't involve sowing seeds by the light of a full moon!

The Moon Gardener's Almanac is a practical guide to harnessing the moon's positive influence over plants and flowers as part of your normal gardening work—bringing ancient wisdom to modern gardens. Learn more

The 2020 Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac: North American Edition, with Eastern Standard Time dates and times, is now in its 58th year of helping biodynamic farmers and gardeners get the most out of their farms and gardens.

This useful guide shows the optimum days for sowing, pruning, and harvesting various plants and crops, as well as working with bees. It includes Thun's unique insights, which go above and beyond the standard information presented in some other lunar calendars. It is presented in colour with clear symbols and explanations.

The almanac includes a pullout wallchart that can be pinned up in a barn, workshop or garage as a handy quick reference. Learn more


Cherry focaccia

To serve a family of four
450 g (1 lb) stoned cherries
1 tsp dry yeast
500 ml (1 US pint) lukewarm water
approx. 250 g (9 oz) plain flour
1 tbsp olive oil
50 g (1 ¾ oz) demerara sugar
salt flakes to sprinkle on the bread

To serve 40 children
• 4kg stoned cherries
• 4 tbsp dry yeast
• 4l lukewarm water
• c. 4.5kg plain flour
• 4 tbsp olive oil
• 400g demerara sugar
• salt flakes to sprinkle on the bread

1. Mix the flour, water and yeast to a dough, knead and allow to prove for around 1 hour.
2. Push the dough into a suitable tin, distribute the stoned cherries evenly across the top.
3. Leave the dough to prove for another 30 minutes.
4. Sprinkle the sugar, salt and olive oil onto the bread.
5. Bake it at 180°C (350°F) for around 30 minutes, depending on size.

When your focaccia has turned a golden brown colour, take it out the oven to cool. Enjoy with a glass of milk or some hot tea.

Thank you, Floris Books for this delicious addition to our fall menu!


Now in stock!

“Hearts and Minds champions novel research revealing the importance of consciousness in the elaboration of health and illness. It also exposes pernicious resistance to these findings from conventional science and medicine—and offers solutions. No medical approach can be complete if it does not incorporate these vital trends. Highly recommended!” —Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind

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