August 18, 2019

This week, as many parents and teachers prepare children for another school year, I find myself asking what is education for? How do we help children find a vocation that can inspire them to get back up and try again, to strive for deeper understanding, to lead others through your actions, and to someday feel fulfilled in their vocation?

“We are only truly human to the extent that we are free.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

I believe we must continue to share this foundational aspect of Waldorf education for the good of the world. Freedom is the underlying current that runs through every activity that allows children and adolescents to express themselves in the vocation of childhood.

To all parents and educators, we all wish you strength, love, and courage as the guardians of childhood.

Until next time,

Kathy Donchak


The Karma of Vocation (CW 172) eBook

What is the purpose of my work? Is it merely to satisfy the demands of survival, which in turn simply allows me to keep working? Or is it a matter of more disposable income and consumerism? In the end, it can all seem rather pointless.

In these remarkable talks, Rudolf Steiner takes us behind the scenes of the routine activities of vocation where we are shown how the combined vocational activity of all humanity affects the higher suprasensory realms. This activity mobilizes forces that lead to future worlds, which is the "karma of vocation." It prepares new worlds in which we will participate.



“It is a cosmic law that what has once taken place can never vanish, but must reappear later in a metamorphosed form. Every thought, feeling and action brought about by man does not only affect the world around him but will reappear in the future.” (from the preface)

This course of lectures was originally offered as private, strictly verbal instruction to a selected group of esoteric students. In an atmosphere of earnest study, Rudolf Steiner “translated” important concepts of human and cosmic knowledge from the “akashic script” into earthly language—content rarely found in his later lectures. Although Steiner was working within the Theosophical Society at the time, he nonetheless acted as an independent spiritual teacher: “I would present only the results of what I observed in my own spiritual research.”



Dark dragons, ghostly pipers, rude goblins and sly wizards—discover the legends that dwell within the ancient castles of Scotland.

This highly anticipated book is the latest volume of much-loved Scottish tale treasuries by Carnegie award-winning children's author Theresa Breslin and Kate Greenaway Medal-longlisted artist Kate Leiper.

”A delightful and varied collection of stories from all over Scotland. Theresa Breslin's style is so compelling and chatty that you feel she is sitting in the room with you, telling you her favorite tales of kelpies and brownies, talking birds, sheepdogs, and selkies. Kate Leiper's illustrations are stunning. This is a beautiful book that will be treasured by children in Scotland and far afield.” —Julia Donaldson, Children's Laureate



“The book before us here is not some kind of dusty text or just another undergraduate-level introduction to Buddhism. It is nothing less than the still, clear, luminous center of a hurricane.” —Neil Franklin (from the foreword)

Although this classic text is more than a hundred years old, its accurate scholarship, detailed research, and lucid presentation make it just as relevant today as when it was first published. In 1916, Hermann Beckh was among a handful of leading European authorities on Buddhist texts; he could read Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Pali fluently. He was also a member of the Anthroposophical Society and its Esoteric Section.

Consequently, Beckh’s seminal study on Buddhism has an entirely unique approach. It invites readers to engage freely with the Buddhist path. It is freshly expressed and renewed by Rudolf Steiner, revealing its universal validity through the original texts. Beckh also likes to let source texts—as eloquent today as ever—speak for themselves.



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