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Financial gifts from our readers are vital to the success of SteinerBooks. We publish books in natural and alternative living, including Steiner-Waldorf education, biodynamics and organics, holistic health, philosophy of the natural world, mind body spirit, parenting and child health, philosophy of human life and religion & spirituality all inspired by our foundational publishing of the works of Rudolf Steiner.

There are two important ways that you can help. The most direct is to make a donation to SteinerBooks, either through this website or by mailing a check, which is always tax-deductible. The other way is to buy directly from SteinerBooks, which maximizes the impact of your purchase by returning a greater percentage of what you pay back to the press, thus contributing toward the day-to-day expenses of SteinerBooks and supporting future publications.


If you wish to send a donation the old-fashioned way, you may send a check to SteinerBooks, 610 Main St., Gt. Barrington, MA, 01230. You may also call (413) 528-8233 or send email to to learn more about ways to help.

"What Lies behind Our Fundraising Appeals, or How Our Finances Work" (PDF file).