Autobiography: Chapters in the Course of My Life

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Written in weekly installments for Das Goetheanum, December 9, 1923 - April 5, 1925 (CW 28)

Rudolf Steiner seldom spoke of himself in a personal way, but in his Autobiography we are offered a rare glimpse into some of the most intimate aspects of his inner life, his personal relationships, and significant events that helped to shape the philosopher, seer, and teacher he became.

This edition restores the original format of seventy chapters, just as Rudolf Steiner wrote them and submitted them to the Goetheanum weekly newsletter. This autobiography is not merely a narrative of his successes and failures, but primarily the story of a soul possessed of a precise and probing scientific mind and a natural clairvoyant ability to see into the spiritual world.

Although naturally clairvoyant, Rudolf Steiner always recognized the integrity and importance of modern scientific methods. Thus he developed a modern discipline he called Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science. During the century that followed the events related in this autobiography, Steiner's insights have touched and enriched numerous areas of life in ways that continue to transform people’s lives in the twenty-first century.

Series Foreword, Introduction, and Chronological Context
Part 1: Seeds of Awakening, Wiener-Neustadt to Vienna, 1861-1890
Part 2: Fertile Ground, Weimar, 1890-1897
Part 3: Must I Remain Unable to Speak?, Berlin, 1897-1907
A Chronology of Rudolf Steiner’s Life and Work by Paul Allen
Editorial and Reference Notes by Paul Allen (updated)
Annotated Bibliography

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The Perceptual Vortex of Autism with Michael Kokinos

The Perceptual Vortex of Autism with Michael Kokinos

Since 2006 Michael Kokinos has worked with severely autistic, non-verbal children. In 2012 a group of autistic adolescents broke through to be able to communicate using a keyboard. Michael will present the unexpected, stunning results from their unique perceptual world.

Healing Madaonnas with Chris Bamford

Healing Madonnas

Christopher Bamford, author of Healing Madonnas: Exploring the Sequence of Madonna Images Created by Rudolf Steiner and Felix Peipers for Use in Therapy and Meditation explores a little-known example of Rudolf Steiner’s efforts to bring into being, in a practical and future-oriented way, a contemporary embodiment of the wisdom that once lived in the ancient Mysteries—in this instance a sequence of fifteen images of the Madonna, intended originally for contemplation under supervision in a clinical setting as a new form of therapy for those suffering from wounds of the soul.


To download chapter 10, right-click on the link below and choose "Save Link As..."


Guiding Thoughts

  1. By Way of Introduction

  2. Approaching the Images, or the Mystery of Seeing

  3. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

  4. Sacred-Religious or Secular-Spiritual

  5. Enter The Sistine Madonna

  6. Devotion and Reverence

  7. Sophia: Wisdom Becomes Love

  8. The Presence of the Holy Mother

  9. The Ancient Mysteries

  10. Isis and Madonna

  11. The Origins of the Madonna Sequence

  12. A Short Prehistory of the Pentagram

  13. The Images, Etheric Body, and Organization Underlying the Sequence

The Healing Madonna Images

  1. Sistine Madonna (full image)

  2. Beautiful Gardener

  3. Alba Madonna

  4. Alba Madonna (detail)

  5. Pazzi Madonna

  6. Madonna of the Goldfinch (detail)

  7. Bridgemwater Madonna

  8. Sistine Madonna (detail)

  9. Tempi Madonna

The publication of this work was made possible by a grant from the Waldorf Curriculum Fund.

Evolution and Form: FRANK CHESTER

Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor, and geometrician, who lives in San Francisco. He taught art for more than thirty years in high schools and colleges. Since encountering the work of Rudolf Steiner, Frank has been exploring the relation between form and spirit. In 2000, Frank discovered a new geometric form never seen before. Putting this form through the alchemical transformative process of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, many previously unknown geometric structures have emerged. This geometric form demonstrates a remarkable correlation to the form and functioning of the human heart. On the basis of experimentation with various related geometric forms and the movement of water in a vortex, Frank is uncovering indications concerning the relationship between etheric formative forces and the geometry, structure, and physiology of the human heart.

Biodynamics as a Science of Initiation The Evolution of Form

The Task of Biodynamics in the Evolution of the Earth — Enzo Nastati

The stated primary aim of [Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on Agriculture] was to address three
problems that had often been brought to [his] attention: the degeneration of plants;
the diminishing nutritional value of food; the lowering fertility of farm animals
. . . there were already early signs of a situation that was destined to worsen dramatically
to the point that, in our opinion, it is now no longer remediable with the methods
of organic farming alone.
— Enzo Nastati

Enzo Nastati is the principal director of The Eureka Institute, Codroipo, Udine, Italy. He has been a biodynamic farmer for over forty years and understands that the biodynamic agricultural method was always intended to be developed and fortified to meet changing demands over time. Mr. Nastati’s work has been recognized around the world where he lectures, consults, and conducts continuing research. Thirty-two years ago, spurred by his observations of extreme decrease in plant vitality immediately following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986, he began researching and developing preparations and application techniques to further meet the demands of our time. His work addresses the difficulties presented by electromagnetic fields, radioactive pollution, industrial pollution, water quality deterioration, GMOs, and other harmful effects of modern technology. 

Body Therapies for Autism: Anthroposophical Sensory Integration

Body therapies for autism: Anthroposophical sensory integration — Michael Kokinos

Each autistic child presents a unique sensory processing mystery. keys to progress lie in understanding the individualized specific sensory needs of each child. Michael will show how Anthroposophic spiritual science gives us a rich perspective and fruitful directions through understanding the twelve senses that bridge spirit, soul, and body.