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General Submission Guidelines

  • We accept online submission using the form below.

  • Please include a brief author biography with your submission.

  • Please study our existing books first, to see whether your manuscript would be suitable for SteinerBooks.

  • Please allow at least two months for a response. If you have not heard from us after this time please email with your name and the title of your manuscript. If you have questions prior to submission, please email

Adult Non-fiction

SteinerBooks welcomes submissions on subjects that draw on the work of Rudolf Steiner or that would be of interest to the Steiner-Waldorf community, including:

  • Steiner-Waldorf education, homeschooling, kindergartens and early years

  • Christian Community life, theology, and spirituality

  • Biodynamic and organic farming, winemaking and gardening

  • Crafts, cooking, and activities

  • Camphill communities

  • Parenting and child development that recognizes a Steiner perspective

  • Steiner-inspired geometries and cosmologies

  • Anthroposophical approaches in health and psychology

  • Anthroposophical art, architecture, and literature

Non-fiction submissions should include:

  • The first three chapters of your book

  • A synopsis of the whole work

  • An author biography which outlines why you are the best person to write this book (should include any previous books published, job and academic experience related to the book, membership of appropriate organizations etc)

  • An introduction and/or table of contents

Please browse through the appropriate category on the Bookstore link to see whether your book fits with our current lists.

Where to send proposals

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