Jerusalem The Role of the Hebrew People in the Spiritual Biography of Humanity


Jerusalem The Role of the Hebrew People in the Spiritual Biography of Humanity

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“The better I understand the roots of the Hebrew people and its universal-human mission, the better I shall understand the nature of humanity and its mission; and the more human I become, in the most universal sense, anchored in a new spiritual knowledge and practice, the more fulfilled, active and creative I can be at the roots of my existence as a Jew and an Israeli.” 
Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon

Based on a remarkable series of lectures in his native Israel, Dr Ben-Aharon presents his illuminating research on the meaning of Judaism and the spiritual mission of the Jewish people in the past, present, and future. The Hebrew people have been a central root in the development of not only Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also the universal human spirit itself. Thus, a new understanding of their development and contribution to the spiritual biography of humanity is essential to understanding ourselves as human beings. 

The Jews were chosen to reveal the deepest secret of ancient times—the existence of one God above all gods, being the Creator of all human beings, beyond race, nation, and gender, in his divine image. The great historical and spiritual figures of the Hebrew people (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joseph, the Judges, Kings, and Prophets) prepared humanity for individuation—the true “I AM”—through devotion to the divine foundation of the world. “The Lord our God is One,” who is to be loved with all one’s heart, soul, and being. Each person could now fulfill the Word, which can be actualized on Earth and in human beings. 

In Jerusalem, Dr. Ben-Aharon describes the evolution of the Hebrew people and their role in the development of humankind. The journey continues today whenever the universal human “I” has the potential to become a free participator in the ongoing creation of the universe. 

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