Spangled Heavens of a Summer Night

As we welcome in the first days of June, our staff is busy planning a new beginning for SteinerBooks. As many of you know, in late January I accepted the honor to take over the leadership at the press, and with each week you all welcome me with candid feedback, insightful questions, and encouragement as we forge forward into this new chapter.

I read every email and take the messages into my week to guide our work on behalf of so many. Just last week, many of you emailed me to ask about Steiner’s thoughts on war. Our gifted Steiner researcher is deep into searching for answers to those questions. Your questions are important, thought-provoking, and essential to our work on your behalf; keep them coming.

As we make changes, we look to Steiner to inspire creativity and innovation to ensure that the future of an independent press that values the creative activity of independent thought is stronger than how we found it.

Plans have already begun for a small limited edition collection of lectures to share this fall with all of you who have given us the gift of your attention and financial support. This small gesture is our way of saying thank you while we reconnect with our spiritual, literary roots and envision our way into the future.

This week, I am sharing excerpts from a couple of books I am reading, Jung and Steiner: The Birth of a New Psychology and Rethinking Economics: Lectures and Seminars on World Economics (CW 340-341) ,along with books on my summer reading list.

Take Care,

Kathy Donchak

Executive Director/Publisher